The Dimensions is a First-Person Survival Horror Game, You're playing as Kevin Oktonine and have to save Diena Fallentsia. The Dimension Project was started on January 2nd, 2013 and continuously maintain until now.and finally at this moment, we can divide the results (The Dimensions Game) to the Players, Previous apologize profusely for the mistake that I have made that are not in intentionally or unintentionally, and Thank You for playing this game .Enjoy ...

Short Story :

At one time, in the morning there is a married couple, Kevin and Diena, who heard knocking on the main door of their house,
and Diena intends want to welcome,but when Diena open the door, she got special Guest, ghost guest, she suprised and
screaming, and Kevin was suprised too about Diena Scream, doesn't take a big think, he trying to chase and find
until lost in the woods, day by day, he's searching, looking for Diena, the world without Light, just darkness

How to Control :

WASD : Move
F& Right Mouse : Turn On / Off the Flashlight
Shift : Sprint
Space : Jump
Left Mouse : Toutch the Object
Esc : Menu

Download More Information About The Dimensions here : Bahasa Indonesia / English (Coming Soon)

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